Search Machine Optimization? Artpollo helps you to the Top!

How does it work?

For Artpollo, Search Engine Marketing consists of two parts. These are:

Search Engine Optimization, the results of this can be seen in Google on the left, also called the organic results.
Paid ads; here you pay Google to be in a certain position on the right-hand side, for a keyword.


Google, Ilse and MSN offer marketing automation and lead generation. After registration, it usually takes three weeks to two months before your website can be found in these search engines.

Before a website is registered, it must first be optimized for keywords that, after research, have shown that they attract the most visitors. This process is called SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

During this process, the keywords found are placed in strategic areas in one or more web pages. As a result, your website will appear high in the search results for these keywords.

Both the optimization of your website and its submission to the search engines provides lead generation marketing automation.


The main provider of paid advertising in the Netherlands is Google through. Adwords Campaigns. after a keyword research determines which keywords will perform best for your product or service. This is based on the highest return for the lowest price. After all, you pay per click of a visitor. Paid ads work well for short and fast ad campaigns or for keywords that are hard to get to a top position.

Artpollo sets up an Adword Account for you and automatically generate leads.

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